Guard / Concierge Services


iGuard360˚ matches technology with traditional security services to permit innovative, cost effective security solutions customized to the needs of each iGuard360˚ client.

The integrated iGuard360˚ guard / concierge solutions can combine the services of onsite personnel with a building’s key security systems including cameras, access control points, emergency intercoms, sensor monitoring and suite alarms. This allows a fully blended solution for customer service and security functionality on a single platform.

Backed by the iGuard360˚ 24/7 operations centre, our remote support team can conduct video patrols, interact with residents and visitors via state-of-the-art Service Kiosks, activate gates, monitor for leaks, provide access control and much more.

From onsite security guards to front desk concierge services to mobile patrols, our 360˚ approach has redefined security with innovative technology that delivers MORE SECURITY, MORE WAYS.

Guard Services

iGuard360˚ can provide part time and full-time services. We design our services to suit your specific situation and we train our guards on your equipment and technology.

Concierge Services

Our Concierge development program addresses the unique needs of the Condominium and High-Rise residential sector.

Mobile Services

Our mobile services division will arrange a vehicle to visit your facility on a pre-determined schedule or on a random basis to provide effective patrol services.