A New Breed of Security Solutions

Traditional security solutions rely heavily on guards to patrol, monitor cameras, act as concierge or wayfinders, monitor building systems, and enforce site regulations. With today’s increasingly complex and fluctuating environments, there is a lot for guards to handle.

That is why at iGuard360° we use innovative and cutting-edge technology to enhance our guard’s ability to perform their duties. We make full use of your existing security infrastructure, and even supplement it, to allow our iGuard Command Centre to monitor everything from visitors and building access to security cameras and building systems.

We streamline tasks to ensure monitors monitor, guards guard and technology is fully utilized to make sure your site is safe and secure. iGuard360° technology is fully integrated into your systems, providing support, notifications, and assistance to help ensure smooth security delivery. Alarms and warnings signal the iGuard Command Centre, allowing them to elevate potential issues, and alert an onsite guard or mobile patrol to deal with situations quickly and effectively.

Find out how iGuard360° can make a difference at your residential, commercial, or industrial site.

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