Remote Services


iGuard360˚ Leads the way in Remote Security Technology

iGuard360˚ represents the future of security services, providing remote security solutions at a savings of 50% over traditional onsite security personnel.

From high-rise condominium and commercial buildings to industrial and off grid locations, our 360º approach has redefined security with inventive services and innovative technology that deliver MORE SECURITY, MORE WAYS.

Like security architects, we design solutions that connect a remarkable network of remote, onsite and interactive services to deliver complete and affordable security solutions.

And, tying it all together, our game-changing Workflow Application allows us to monitor multiple areas at once, in a way no live guard solution can. For example, we can be checking on a water sensor alert in the basement while responding to a tenant alarm while directing a guest to visitors’ parking. That’s 360º Security.

Let iGuard360˚ show you how our innovative technologies can create efficiencies and reduce your reliance on expensive onsite security guard and concierge services.


High-rise Communities


Commercial Buildings


Industrial Sites


Construction & Off-grid